Saturday, 31 December 2016

Dear 2016,

You were one hell of a confusing/weird year.

We started off on a good note - having Mcd as my first meal for 2016. #sponsormeMcd

I completed my first year of my LLB and left Taylor's University.
I bummed around for the first 3 months of 2016, procrastinating my university applications, etc.
I turned 21 with the most unconventional cakes - a nugget cake, an ice cream cake, a pizza cake and cupcakes.

I did some internships which was quite a love/hate thing.
I questioned myself over life choices - my university offers, my career prospects and even considered dropping my degree.

I enjoyed life, sneaking in a couple of concerts, road trips and some travelling.
I fell deeper in love and am still falling in love.

I spent good quality time with family, friends, pets and myself.
I also spent bad quality time self-doubting and self-hating.

I pulled myself together and took a leap of faith - transferring to a UK university alone.
I left my family, friends, pets, basically my life back in Malaysia.
I joined #teamLDR.

I made new family, friends, basically made a new life in the UK.
I did not make a new boyfriend.

I learnt to manage my time, my finance, my emotions - basically manage my life.
I am still learning to manage my time, my finance, my emotions and basically my life.

I walked alone, cooked alone, ate alone and travelled alone.
I walked together, cooked together, ate together and travelled together with friends.

I did many things alone, but I was not lonely doing many things.

2016 was a year of feeling in the middle, feeling average and feeling mediocre.
2016 was a year of old, new and temporary experiences.
2016 was the year I sort of lost myself, sort of found myself and sort of started looking for myself again.

I am grateful for all that 2016 has offered me - the ups, the downs and the in betweens.

RIP 2016 - can't say you were a great year, but you were not too bad.


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