Monday, 20 February 2017

Turning 22

So, I turned 22 last week.

To be honest, I did not plan and surely did not expect any celebrations or whatsoever. I guess I just wasn't in any celebratory mood. And to be honest (again, because its the best policy, wtf), I was waaaay okay with not celebrating my birthday. I didn't think there'd be anything to celebrate about and I didn't think I deserved any form of celebration (boo, *self pity*, boo). Being away from home and family, I expected my birthday to be insignificant, which would be totally reasonable.

My 22nd birthday was full of surprises, literally. My girlfriends surprised me at midnight with lots of cakes and gifts. Later in the day, just when I thought all surprises were over, Brienne Lee surprised me at lunch, all the way from Leeds. The next day, my mates from my bible study group surprised me with a cake at night. I'd love to share about the celebrations in more detail, but I'd also like to selfishly keep these memories to myself and not overshare.

Anyway, that's not the point.

On my 22nd birthday, I felt insignificant and accepted that I was. I did not see my birthday as an occasion to celebrate and surely did not think I deserved anything.
On my 22nd birthday, I am so thankful that the people around me thought otherwise.
I am thankful that I was surrounded by people who reminded me that I am significant and that I deserve to be celebrated.
Thank you all for the wishes, the cards, the cakes, the love, the gifts.
As cliché as it sounds, the best gift was being reminded of how loved I am, whether near or far.

On my 22nd birthday, my heart was full.

Happy 22nd anniversary, life.

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